Schmooze Your Weapons!

Welcome to our little corner of the Internet; the home of the website of the ridiculous, sensational, and extraordinarily amusing game of Stupiduel! On top of all of that, it's educational too!

What other game will let you trap your friends with 10,000 radioactive garden gnomes, or defend yourself with a gigantic ravenous chicken, yet (despite these examples) remain so versatile that every conflict and resolution is unique*!? 

And did I say educational? Why, yes I did! Stupiduel teaches storytelling, planning, problem solving, and vocabulary. It improves verbal communication, promotes logical and lateral thinking, lengthens the attention span, and increases one's ability to focus under pressure. Stupiduel is the kind of game that can leave a player pondering a puzzling challenge for days, and telling of their victories (or failures) for years.

On top of that, Stupiduel remains extremely accessible. Stupiduel can be played by any group - adults, teens, kids, girls, boys – all at the same table using their own experiences and perspectives to trounce their opponents (or thwart their plans)!

Did I mention it's funny, too? Not “we put jokes on the cards the new guy giggles once or twice at” funny, but “everyone in the room is smiling, groaning, giggling and wisecracking, and a week later you can drop a key phrase and get everyone giggling again” funny!
So have a look around, read a little more about it, and order your copy of Stupiduel today!

(*A disclaimer for hair-splitters: While you could, through luck and personal choice, have an Attacker draw and use an exact set of cards the exact same way he's done before (and players do), and a Defender could draw and use an exact set of cards the exact same way to repeat a successful escape, the odds against that are very high.)  


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