Stupiduel - The Core Game

Stupiduel Core Game

MSRP: $14.95
120 Cards
ISBN: 0-9749627-0-8

What if you were attacked by 10,000 Radioactive Ducks?

Worse, what if all you had to defend yourself with was a Wheel of Diseased Cheese???

Stupiduel is a game of combat - but no ordinary combat! You must destroy all who oppose you to emerge victorious, but you'll find that most of your weapons are anything but ordinary! You will attack with clever plots, cunning ruses, strange "accidents", monstrous misadventures and occasional brute force. But be warned - your opponents have it in for you too, and only your wits can save you in a Stupiduel!

Stupiduel - Fantasy Expansion

Stupiduel Fantasy Expansion

MSRP: $8.95
60 Cards
ISBN: 0-9749624-2-4

Once upon a time there was a little expansion deck. This deck was full of marvelous creatures and magical artifacts which, in responsible hands, could have been used to create many wondrous tales of fantastic adventure!

However, these cards wound up in your hands instead, and you’re a raving mad Stupiduelist!

This 60 card expansion to Stupiduel can be used to turn your original deck into a pure fantasy deck, or just shuffled right in. Either way, your Stupiduel matches will be transformed by its powerful contents, allowing attacks that could only be dreamed of, defenses that could only be wished for, and conclusions that will leave you laughing happily ever after!

Stupiduel - Modifiers & Tricks Expansion

Stupiduel Modifiers and Tricks

MSRP: $8.95
60 Cards

Since the very first game of Stupiduel, duelists’ ears have perked up to the phrase:
“I don’t have any Modifiers!” (Trans: “I can’t stop a modified attack.”)

There are many such flubs for the ruthless duelist to exploit, but this is certainly the most frequent. However, the phrase also carries a deeper plea:
“I love Modifiers, give me more!”

We listened, because though we don’t go and blurt out such things while dueling, we love Modifiers too! In this expansion for Stupiduel there are 40 new Modifiers; enough to make your original deck a full 50/50 collection of Modifiers and Items!

But wait, there’s more! We’ve also enjoyed your original ideas (didn’t read the rules) and clever gambits (cheating) so much that we’re adding 20 new “Trick” cards to mix things up!



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